Jun. 23rd, 2020 (PR NEWSWIRE)

Washington, USA — The Foundation for Climate Restoration applauds Denmark’s bold commitment to ensuring a habitable planet for future generations……

WASHINGTONJune 23, 2020 /PRNewswire/ —

“The Foundation for Climate Restoration applauds Denmark’s bold commitment to ensuring a habitable planet for future generations. Their recent climate agreement lays out a detailed plan to cut carbon emissions by 70% over the coming decade. They are undertaking the comprehensive approach we at the Foundation have long advocated for: CO2 emission reduction coupled with climate restoration technologies, like carbon capture and natural solutions. The trillion tons of excess CO2 in our atmosphere is the main driver of climate change and makes up 95% of our climate crisis. Thus, no approach is adequate without climate restoration. Denmark – and the activists who made this climate agreement a reality – is a model for the progressive and dramatic action we must undertake to safeguard the health of our planet.”

About Rick Parnell and the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR):

Rick Parnell is the CEO of the F4CR, a non-profit committed to restoring a safe and healthy climate for our youth and future generations. Climate Restoration means returning CO2 to pre-industrial levels and preserving Arctic sea ice to prevent catastrophic methane emissions by 2050. The F4CR works with partners around the world to connect the right people to the right ideas and resources – to launch financially viable Climate Restoration projects and develop and deliver education, networking and advocacy programs. For more information, visit www.f4cr.org.

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