City of Orlando, FL // November 9, 2020 // PDF


WHEREAS, in April 2016 world leaders recognized the urgent need to combat climate change by establishing the Paris Agreement with a goal to keep global warming “well below 2°C above pre- industrial levels” and to “pursue efforts to limit the temperature increase to 1.5°C;”

WHEREAS, according to the United Nations’ Special Rapporteur on Extreme Poverty, 1.5°C of global warming could expose 500 million people to water poverty, 36 million people to food insecurity because of lower crop yields, and 4.5 billion people to heat waves;

WHEREAS, in October 2018, the United Nations released a special report which projected that limiting warming to even the dangerous 1.5°C target this century will require an unprecedented transformation of every sector of the global economy by 2030;

WHEREAS, restoring a safe and stable climate requires a mobilization effort in order to reach zero greenhouse gas emissions across all sectors of the economy; to rapidly and safely drawdown and remove all the excess carbon from the atmosphere until safe, pre-industrial climate conditions are restored; and to implement measures to protect all people and species from the consequences of global warming;

WHEREAS, Orlando, Florida can continue to act as a global leader supporting the mobilization effort to convert to an ecologically, socially, and economically regenerative local economy, as well as continue advocating for regional, national, and international efforts necessary to reverse global warming and the climate change crisis;

WHEREAS, such necessary measures to restore a safe climate include, but not limited to:
a) A managed phase-out of fossil fuels;
b) Ending greenhouse gas emissions to establish a zero-emissions economy;
c) A widespread effort to drawdown excess carbon from the atmosphere;
d) A full transition to a regenerative agriculture system; and
e) Widespread conservation and restoration of ecosystems;

NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, The City Council of the City of Orlando, Florida recognizes the existence of a climate emergency and calls for mobilization efforts to restore a safe climate.

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The City of Orlando, Florida commits to a citywide mobilization effort to restore a safe climate, which, with appropriate financial and regulatory assistance from State and Federal authorities, ends citywide greenhouse gas emissions and initiates an effort to draw down carbon from the atmosphere;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The City of Orlando Florida will continue to engage and collaborate with community members on efforts to restore a safe climate and healthy community;

BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED, The City of Orlando, Florida calls on the State of Florida, the United States Congress, and the President of the United States, to declare a climate emergency, initiate a mobilization effort to reverse global warming and the climate change crisis, and provide maximum protection for all people and species of the world.