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Welcome to the Chapter Portal

Our portal serves as a place for chapter leaders and members to come in order to engage with the community and attain resources.

Chapter Launch Process

Through a series of meetings and workshops, we launch chapters around the world. Following the launch, we train the teams to work together, to understand policies, and to get policies implemented that will play a key role in restoring the climate. By the end of these trainings, chapters will be able to work with their local officials, communities, and the media to have powerful legislation that supports climate restoration.

What’s expected of Local Chapters

Local chapters meet twice a month: once for an international conference call (First Saturday of every month) and once to meet with their local chapter team to review strategy and planning. Each chapter provides a role for everyone to contribute to the global movement.

F4CR Action Tracker:

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The Importance of Transformational Advocacy

The way to rebuild our democracy is for citizens to engage regularly, directly, deeply, and productively with our elected officials. Engaging and involvement with policymakers not only affects government actions but it drives them.

The key to getting people to be actively involved is to build their confidence in understanding how to engage with officials.

These are steps essential to building confidence. Find an organization that is:

  1. Committed to dissolving your powerlessness;
  2. Centered on providing you with new skills; and
  3. Focused on encouraging you to move out of your comfort zone. Confidence grows when you’re encouraged to do something you thought you couldn’t do and surprise yourself when you make it happen.

F4CR is committed to dissolving your powerlessness, provides you with new skills, and helps you reach out in a very productive way with your representatives.

What the Chapters are focusing on

While climate change affects everyone, its impacts are unevenly distributed. Those who have contributed the least to our climate crisis (particularly in the Global South) are the most vulnerable to its impacts. In recognition of this inequity, F4CR’s local chapters in the Global North take on different priorities than the Global South. The North takes on issues with more of a technological focus, which may have more potential for scalability but also require more capital investment. The South focuses primarily on nature-based solutions that have short-term and long-term social benefits to their local communities and benefits to their surrounding environment. This approach allows Global South chapters to adapt to the immediate negative impacts of climate change while we collectively work towards a restored climate.

Global North chapter priorities

One of the most scalable opportunities for carbon dioxide removal and storage is in infrastructure. More companies each year are finding ways to decarbonize and/or store huge quantities of CO2 in concrete. As concrete is the second most-used commodity on Earth (after water), the potential of carbon-negative concrete as a climate restoration solution cannot be overstated. Therefore, our Global North chapters are focusing on supporting the implementation of policies that prioritize the use of low-embodied carbon concrete.

Global South chapter priorities

Communities in the Global South are already facing climate change impacts adding an outsized burden from a problem they contributed least to. The priorities of our Global South chapters are more varied than our North chapters because of the diverse needs they face. While some are mainly focused on coastal blue ecosystem restoration (e.g., mangroves, seagrasses, etc.), others focus on regenerative agriculture or reforestation. In each case, they take on projects that contribute to CO2 removal and storage while offering co-benefits that are needed in their region.

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