Curriculum & Learning Guides

There’s a gap in our science curriculum. We are seeking to fill it, one age group at a time

Stay tuned for more resources to be added as we collaborate with teachers, instructional designers, and content experts to create them. All of our content is free for anyone to use.

Elementary Education Resources

We started by creating educational resources for elementary students, the group that has the most at stake when it comes to climate change. Providing them with the education that prepares them to approach climate change with an action-oriented and hopeful perspective can shift the tides on climate action down the line.

For learners aged 8-12, check out our Climate Restoration for Kids digital lesson.

For teachers of learners aged 8-12, check out our teacher’s guide.

High School Resources

Check back in Fall 2022 for our online high school course. For now, learn more about this project through our one-pager.