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Let’s keep the climate restoration movement growing, Oct 13th, 2020

California is responding to the year’s historic wildfires and heat waves with ambitious goals to phase out gas-powered cars and protect 30 percent of our land and coastal water by 2030. . ….

8 Simple Swaps for a More Sustainable Lifestyle, Sep 29th, 2020

We get it—against the outsized backdrop of climate change, maybe it can be tough to remember that tiny actions like bringing reusable bags to the grocery store or opting for paper straws can really make much of a difference. ….

Climate restoration is an ethical imperative
The Washington Post, Sep 24th, 2020

My heartfelt appreciation goes to David King and Rick Parnell for their Sept. 20 Outlook essay, “Saving the planet would be cheaper than battling covid,” regarding climate restoration. In particular, what resonates is the call to expand our thinking and commit to outcomes we want for our world…..