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about us

It’s up to us to fix climate change for future generations.

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) is an innovative non-profit on a mission to restore our climate to a pre-industrial state.

Our mission goes beyond merely surviving and enduring climate change. We are creating the ecosystem needed for climate restoration to take place by working with the Global Carbon Removal Partnership, leading scientists, innovators, policymakers, citizens, faith leaders, activists, and students of all ages. We are building the political and public will to create a healthy climate by advancing solutions, education, and advocacy. Learn more through our videos, Forums, blog, and resources or by contacting us.

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Become a Youth Leader

Youth voices are the most impactful because young people have the most at stake

F4CR is proud to host the youth-led Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration (YL4CR) program. Participants from all over the world come together for 13 weeks to learn, speak, and teach peers about climate restoration.

YL4CR is a train-the-trainer program intended to rapidly scale up the number of engaged youth activists. Program graduates use their new skills to bring climate restoration to their own communities via local chapters, their own advocacy, and aligned climate organizations. Learn more here.

Our Chapters

Local chapters build the climate restoration movement at the grassroots level

Local chapters are the engine behind our advocacy efforts. They promote climate restoration initiatives to their elected representatives, local communities, news media, social media, and more.

Policymakers are critical to advancing climate restoration. Local chapters generate relationships with local governments, raise their level of ambition, and create momentum towards our collective goal. They also amplify and exponentially scale F4CR’s outreach efforts, raising global awareness of climate restoration. Learn more here.

New to climate action?

Climate resources can feel overwhelming. We created a starting point for newcomers here.

Together, we can

Restore the climate. Join us.

F4CR is non-profit and non-partisan. Our community works with us to stand for a climate that supports the long-term survival and flourishing of humanity and our natural world. Every dollar donated goes to developing the ecosystem needed for climate restoration to succeed, from education to advocacy to solutions. Will you support the movement and stand for climate restoration?