The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) is leading the movement to make climate restoration an idea whose time has come.

F4CR is working to make climate restoration the overarching goal of climate action by the end of the decade. Climate restoration means not just reducing emissions. It means reclaiming a historically safe climate for this and future generations, and the nature we’re part of. We need to restore the pre-Industrial climate by 2050, while Earth systems are still intact enough to do so. We know how to do so!

Restoring a safe climate requires a paradigm shift: Most people don’t yet know it’s possible, so they’re not calling for it. That’s why F4CR’s mission is to generate the understanding, social license and the will to restore the climate. This in turn will allow for funding and implementing real climate-restoration-scale solutions.

F4CR works through advocacy, education & communications, and motivation. Our members—volunteers of all ages and from all walks of life—make it happen!


F4CR is led by a volunteer board of accomplished professionals in education, business, and advocacy.


F4CR was launched  in 2017 after its founders asked: “What is the future we want for our climate?” We were and are still the only organization fully dedicated to restoring a safe, healthy climate for our  children and future generations.