F4CR is driven by a small team from diverse backgrounds

Our team members come from across the U.S. and around the world. They have experience in nonprofit management, corporate partnerships, poverty reduction, UN partnerships, fundraising, hospitality, coalition-building, and more. This geographic and topical diversity allows us to take on climate restoration with a broad range of tools and perspectives.


Erica Dodds

Chief Operating Officer

Myra Khan


Board of Directors

Sharon Fiekowsky

Chair & Co-Founder

Sandra Kwak

Alan Hyman

Nicole Gardner

Ashley Meeky

Tom Baruch

Melanie Trent

David Batuski

Joan Bordow

Julia Dederer

Diane Warren


Sharon Fiekowsky

Chair & Co-Founder

Peter Fiekowsky

Co-Founder and Chairman Emeritus

Terry Mollner