CDR in 2022 and Beyond — White Paper Highlights Rapid Advancement of Carbon Dioxide Removal Industry


If you’ve been following the carbon dioxide removal (CDR) industry for the last few years, you’re probably blown away by the progress — just like us! CDR has become much more widely known, and the number of companies working in the space has skyrocketed. Competitions like XPRIZE’s Carbon Removal Prize are helping spur even more innovation, and funding from corporations has increased beyond what anyone could have predicted. It’s exciting to see and sometimes overwhelming to keep up with.



The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) today published its white paper entitled, Climate Restoration: Achieving and Safe and Healthy Climate by 2050, which explores how we can remove excess carbon from the atmosphere to restore the climate for future generations.

Climate restoration aims to safely and permanently remove excess carbon from the atmosphere so that our climate is returned to pre-industrial levels of CO2. F4CR’s explicit goal is to reduce atmospheric CO2 from today’s levels of nearly 415 parts per million (ppm) to below 300 ppm by 2050.