Foundation for Climate Restoration: Equity as the Fourth Principle to Climate Restoration

The Solutions Journal


Delaney Pues, Director of Solutions, Equity & Stewardship

Climate change is a universal problem that has already and will continue to be felt earliest and hardest by those individuals with the least means to confront the intersectional crises it exacerbates and whose actions contributed the least to the problem. As stated in the 2022 IPCC Report, “Vulnerability of ecosystems and people to climate change differs substantially among and within regions, driven by patterns of intersecting socio-economic development, unsustainable ocean and land use, inequity, marginalization, historical and ongoing patterns of inequity such as colonialism, and governance.”[2] While solutions to the climate crisis have the potential to remediate these problems, their implementation also has the potential to threaten the livelihoods of climate vulnerable populations and nearby communities if not addressed in a way that considers patterns of inequity.