Our climate needs your help

The climate restoration movement goes beyond reducing damage to our planet. Join our programs to help us create a better world for future generations.


F4CR’s local chapters are the engine behind our advocacy and education efforts.

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Youth Leaders

The climate restoration movement is focused on securing a safe and healthy climate for today’s youth and future generations. Therefore, the voices of young people are the most important to our movement.

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The journey to restore our climate requires deep engagement from all key stakeholders working on various aspects of the movement. We work with the public sector, corporations, investors, foundations, faith communities, youth groups, NGOs, United Nations entities, grassroots organizations, and others to guide our programming and strategies.

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Our movement needs people with all kinds of skills and capabilities. We are eager to harness the energy of those passionate about getting involved with the organization. Everyone has a role to play in restoring our climate.

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Our events bring the climate restoration movement to life. Throughout the year, we host in-person and virtual events focused on education, community building, fundraising, and more.

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