S2E39: The cost of climate repair vs. COVID-19—w/ Sir David King & Rick Parnell
Nori, Nov 17th, 2020

Solving the climate crisis is challenging because it requires both dramatic behavioral change and a great deal of capital. And yet, when faced with a global health crisis, governments were willing to enact multitrillion-dollar aid packages and people radically shifted their behavior in a matter of weeks. So, what if we mobilized against climate change similarly to the way we responded to the coronavirus?…..

The Lisa Show
The Lisa Show, Jun 14th, 2020

Thoughts of “I’m not good enough”, “I’m not as creative as that person”, or “I don’t have the resources that professionals do” can be dangerous for our life ambitions. These ideas are especially hard to deal with because they come from a very intimate place – our own ……..

The next investing trend is climate restoration
Stockhead, Jun 12th, 2020

Today I attended the Climate Restoration Launch in Santa Clara County, setting the stage for the 50th Earth Day this April 22, 2020. Speakers include: Erica Dodds, PHd, Chief Operating Officer, Foundation for Climate Restoration; Matt Bogoshian, Southwest Representative, Earth Day Network; Dave Cortese, Supervisor, Santa Clara County; and Peter Pham, Student Activist, Silicon Valley Youth Climate Action……

VTA board approves resolution declaring climate emergency
San Jose Spotlight, Feb 7th, 2020

Two months after a multitude of environmental activists implored Silicon Valley’s mass transit agency to address the global crisis, the VTA board of directors voted unanimously to declare a climate emergency — a resolution whose chief architect says will “force the board to be more mindful” of the environmental impacts of its actions…

New Investments and Research Indicate Multi-Trillion Dollar Market for Climate Restoration Through Carbon-Capture
thepolicytimes.com, Jan 22nd, 2020

Davos, Switzerland – The Thunderbird School of Global Management released a new report today projecting that the world can realize at least $1trillion – $3trillion dollars in market opportunities and $3trillion – $5trillion dollars in broader economic, social and environmental benefits per year by 2030…

Could Geoengineering Help Save the World’s Ice?
Sierra, Jan 21st, 2020

Imagine 2,000 elephants running into the ocean.

The Greenland ice sheet loses that much water in weight every second, according to Dartmouth climatologist Erich Obsterberg. It equals about 250 billion tons per year. Arctic sea ice as a whole has gone from 7 million square miles in 1979 to a little over 4 million in 2019. Meanwhile, Antarctica is wasting away at six times the rate it was 40 years ago..

Rick Parnell, CEO of the Foundation for Climate Restoration, Issues the Following Statement on UK Parliamentary Debate on Climate Restoration
GLOBE NEWSWIRE, Oct 29th, 2019

Rick Parnell issues the following statement on the UK Parliamentary debate on restoring nature on a massive scale to prevent climate breakdown.

“More than 100,000 UK citizens took it upon themselves to petition their government to address the current climate emergency and become a world leader in natural climate solutions. In response, the UK Parliament today engaged in a formal parliamentary debate on measures to remove millions of tons of excess CO2 from the atmosphere……

CCLer spearheads successful UN forum
Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Oct 18th, 2019

On Tuesday, September 17, several international organizations gathered at the United Nations Trusteeship Council Chamber in New York for an event called the Global Climate Restoration Forum. Spearheading the event, and the idea behind it, was CCL volunteer Peter Fiekowsky……

Letters to the editor – On our climate change issue
The Economist, Oct 11th, 2019

Limiting temperature rises to 2°C above pre-industrial norms would still leave atmospheric carbon dioxide at well over 450 parts per million (ppm) (“What goes up”, September 21st). We evolved, and until less than a century ago, lived, on a 300ppm planet. We need to return the Earth’s climate to its pre-industrial state, without doing the same to our economy.…

Continuing Education: Biomimetic Materials
Architectural Record, Oct 1st, 2019

The Earth’s biological materials and the processes through which they’re generated represent the fruits of about 3.8 billion years of research and development. As our species approaches the limits of the earth’s carrying capacity, there’s a lot humans can learn from them. That’s the basic premise of biomimicry—design inspired by the way functional challenges have been solved in biology……

Vatican diplomat calls for greater attention to climate restoration
Catholic Culture, Sept 30, 2019

Climate restoration seeks to return the Earth’s climate within one or two generations to its condition before the start of the Industrial Revolution,” Archbishop Bernardito Auza, apostolic nuncio and Permanent Observer of the Holy See to the United Nations, explained at a recent forum. The prelate added, “Increasingly bringing into the climate debate authentic love and care for the environment could inspire and persuade many more people, especially climate doubters, than visions of apocalyptic catastrophes would..

Arctic Ice Is Melting Faster Than Expected. These Scientists Have a Radical Idea to Save It.
Mother Jones, Sept 26, 2019

Tiny glass beads might seem an unlikely hero in the fight against climate change, but they may end up playing an outsize role in tackling one of the natural world’s most dire predicaments. A group of researchers have found that millions of these spheres spread in a layer across swaths of Arctic ice reflects sunlight and helps keep the ice frozen.…

Inside the U.N. climate summit
POLITICO, Sept 23, 2019

U.S. PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP will find four parallel universes this week on the East Side of New York, where the U.N. General Assembly is kicking off in earnest. In the first universe, most countries will be blasting the U.S. for its diplomatic isolation on climate change. (More on that later.) …

A controversial climate plan to restore a safe atmosphere debuts at the UN
Quartz, Sept 18, 2019

Nowhere in the Paris Agreement do the words “climate restoration” appear. “Mitigation” shows up 23 times in the landmark 2016 accord to slow global warming. The idea of rehabilitating the atmosphere to its pre-industrial state isn’t even mentioned. Publicly, the signatories’ stance is to avert the worst of climate change while adapting to the destructive warming now locked into the climate system.…

New Coalition Launches at First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum with Call for Global Action to Restore Our Climate by 2050
StreetInsider, Sept 17, 2019

n an effort to rally the international community around restoring a healthy climate by 2050 to ensure the survival of humanity, the Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) and its partners are holding the First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum on September 17, 2019 at the United Nations. With acceptance of the necessity of more ambitious climate mitigation and adaptation efforts and how carbon removal strategies play a role in battling the climate crisis, the event will showcase existing technologies and recent findings related to Climate Restoration methods, such as carbon negative building materials and large-scale reforestation.

This Sucks
Carbon Pulse, Sept 17, 2019

The Foundation for Climate Restoration has released a 10-year manifesto for its goal to “restore” by 2050 the climate by reducing atmospheric CO2 levels to those of a century ago using technologies that suck greenhouse gases from the atmosphere.…

One leader’s journey to climate restoration
Grist, Sept 17, 2019

There’s no easy way to say this: We’re not doing enough to address climate change.

Even leading global plans to slow the pace of our rapidly changing planet are dire: approximately 1.5 degrees Celsius of warming, loss of the Greenland ice sheet, death of 80 percent of the world’s coral reefs and an atmosphere that’s 450 parts per million carbon dioxide. Scientists and policymakers have painted a bleak picture of the future: a vision of widespread destruction that has left a lot of people feeling utterly hopeless, instead of inspired to implement sweeping, international reforms while we still can.…

Innovator Interview: Dr. Paul Zeitz on Waging Justice & the UN Climate Restoration Forum
Earth911, Sept 16, 2019

Meet Dr. Paul Zeitz, an organizer of the UN Global Climate Restoration Forum this week in New York. A veteran of the AIDS crisis, during which he led the Global AIDS Alliance, he has joined the Healthy Climate Alliance to drive awareness and adoption of carbon removal technologies that can create a new trillion-dollar industry. He sees the rising incidence of extreme weather bringing people together to find a solution and recently published a hopeful and helpful memoir, Waging Justice: A Doctor’s Journey to Speak Truth and Be Bold. ….

For young people, restoring our climate means restoring hope
Grist, Aug 27th, 2019

We’re mad,” says 14-year-old Alexandria Villaseñor. “We’re really mad.”
Fair enough. Along with the rest of her generation, Villaseñor is expected to face the brunt of human-caused climate change this century. It’s like her parents burned a box of pizza rolls and left her to clean up the mess — except instead of nuclearly hot tomato paste, the object of abuse is what remains of life on Earth….

Stopping climate change isn’t enough — we need to reverse it.
Grist, July 23rd, 2019

In 1850, when Standard Oil was but a twinkle in the eye of John Rockefeller, the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere was 285 parts per million. Today, CO2, the main climate-polluting gas, has jumped to 415 ppm. You know how we got here: extraction, combustion, emission — repeat. And scores of government agencies, international consortia, and environmental groups — along with a gaggle of presidential candidates — say they know how to get us out….

Foundation For Climate Restoration Partners With Earth Day Network
Clean Technica, May 22, 2019

The Foundation For Climate Restoration works to “restore a safe & healthy climate like we had 100 years ago. Our mission is to catalyze action to build full capacity by 2030 to restore the climate by 2050.” Ambitious? You betcha. Necessary? Absolutely. The F4CR focused on realistic programs that are economically viable. In partnership with local governments, NGOs, and communities…

In the warming Arctic, a promising solution to climate change
Grist, May 15th, 2019

In the early hours of a November dawn, Dr. Leslie Field found herself motoring a snowmobile some 300 miles above the Arctic Circle, hauling straight toward the sunrise in below-zero temperatures. She was nursing a cold, and had expected to have a hard time with this trip from her home in California to one of the coldest and farthest corners in the country, during winter — when there are only 2.5 hours of sunlight per day….

Can we humans save ourselves from self-destruction?
The Guardian, May 7, 2019

Eduardo Brondizio’s observation – “We have been displacing our impact around the planet from frontier to frontier. But we are running out of frontiers” – is crucial. This frontier-based structure of thought, in which there is always a beyond, an outside, a domain of otherness, underpins the dichotomies of class and hence of economics (capital and labour); of race, religion…

One man’s quest to remove carbon pollution from the atmosphere
Yale Climate Connections, March 11, 2019

Each year, when his children were young, Peter Fiekowsky took them to Yosemite for the 4th of July. Fiekowsky: “The high country was closed usually at the beginning of our vacation because there was still snow on the road. And that was in the early 90s. And by the mid-2000’s, the snow was gone long before vacation.” Such rapid change…

Finding high-tech solutions to the Arctic ice meltdown
San Francisco Examiner, February 13, 2019

Despite cold temperatures and even snow in the Bay Area, climate change is happening. Excess carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is warming the planet, increasing chaotic weather patterns and melting Arctic ice. But there are ways to to rebuild Arctic sea ice and drawdown excess carbon dioxide, according to the father-daughter team of Peter Fiekowsky and Erica Dodds, leaders of…

How to tackle climate change, even without the help of the White House
Fast Company, October 31, 2018

It’s become part of climate-change lore: Just weeks after Donald Trump won the election in 2016, California Governor Jerry Brown took to the stage during a conference in San Francisco and proclaimed that “California will launch its own damn satellites” to track climate change if the new president continued to deny its existence. At first, people laughed in recognition…

Could carbon-capture technology be a silver bullet to stop climate change?
The Guardian, October 17, 2018

Peter Fiekowsky, a physicist and entrepreneur, hates silver bullets. But at a climate summit in California last month he found himself pitching one. In partnership with the company Blue Planet, he was demonstrating a low-tech-looking machine that can pull carbon dioxide from the air and store it in construction materials. If every new building for the next 30 years was…

Stand Together This Week: Global Climate Action Summit
Earth911, September 12, 2018

Earth has many friends. Earthlings have participated in many marches. This week in San Francisco and around the world, citizens will band together at the Global Climate Action Summit to turn their love of the Earth into the power to change climate policy. The event has already catalyzed marches, but there will be a lot of action behind the scenes…

These robotic ‘trees’ can turn CO2 into concrete
Engadget, September 11, 2018

Climate change is killing our planet. The excess production of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gasses are filling the atmosphere and warming the Earth faster than natural processes can effectively negate them. Since 1951, the surface temperature has risen by 0.8 degrees C, with no sign of slowing. So now it’s time for humans to step in and rectify the…