2022 Impact Report

2022 was a pivotal year for the climate restoration movement. The Foundation for Climate Restoration made important strides in each of our programs and set ourselves up for an even more groundbreaking year in 2023. Read more in our 2022 Impact Report.

Happy holidays! As a member of our climate restoration community, we know you care about engaging thoughtfully in your holiday festivities, whether gathering at home or vacationing away. We’ve created this gift guide featuring companies leading the way with carbon-negative, carbon-neutral, and sustainable products and practices. This guide will help you to give gifts in the most climate-positive way possible—and don’t forget to add a few to your own wish list!

This self-paced online course introduces high school students to climate change, climate restoration, climate action, and climate justice. It uses personal stories from young people around the world to make the concepts more concrete and relatable. The course is schedule to launch in Summer 2023.

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This is the first installment of the Foundation’s Solution Series, which examines a diverse portfolio of natural and technological approaches that can remove CO2 from our atmosphere and return us to safe, preindustrial levels of carbon. In this paper, we explore Direct Air Capture (DAC) through a climate restoration lens. We use a US-based exemplary focus while recognizing the global strategy needed to restore the climate. We discuss DAC’s capacity to achieve scalable, financeable, durable, and equitable outcomes and then provide ways for readers to advocate for its safe and thoughtful implementation.

Climate change is a universal problem that has already and will continue to be felt earliest and hardest by those individuals with the least means to confront the intersectional crises it exacerbates and whose actions contributed the least to the problem.

This paper, published in March 2022 by Delaney Pues, Director of Solutions, Equity & Stewardship at the Foundation for Climate Restoration, aims to educate the public about the role that climate restoration and carbon removal will play in addressing climate change as it relates to justice and equity, while also serving as a reference point to approaching and assessing equity within CDR development, deployment, and solutions through the work of the Solution Series.

Climate restoration is the safe and permanent removal of excess CO2 so that our climate is returned to pre-industrial levels of atmospheric carbon. We know that humanity and the natural world thrived in the climate we had before the Industrial Revolution, when CO2 was below 300 ppm.

This White Paper, published in February 2022 by the Foundation for Climate Restoration, provides readers with a clearer understanding of the work of climate restoration, the opportunity that the public sector can play, and how individuals can contribute.

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Cover of F4CR's White Paper

The climate restoration movement is focused on securing a safe and healthy climate for today’s youth and future generations. Therefore, the voices of young people are the most important to our movement. The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) has built a program—Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration (YL4CR)—that educates youth activists and students on climate restoration.

Thank you to our climate restoration community for helping make 2021 a truly transformational year for the Foundation for Climate Restoration. In this document, we summarize the progress we made in our Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration program, our Local Chapters work, our education resource development, our social media presence, and more.

Without a firm understanding of the issues, any movement will be stymied by its knowledge gaps. The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) provides educational resources to its community (free of charge) so that anyone interested in climate change can learn about the opportunity of climate restoration.