Climate Restoration for High Schoolers – Free Digital Lesson

This self-paced online course introduces high school students to climate change, climate restoration, climate action, and climate justice. It uses personal stories from young people around the world to make the concepts more concrete and relatable. The course is schedule to launch in Summer 2023.

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The climate restoration movement is focused on securing a safe and healthy climate for today’s youth and future generations. Therefore, the voices of young people are the most important to our movement. The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) has built a program—Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration (YL4CR)—that educates youth activists and students on climate restoration.

Without a firm understanding of the issues, any movement will be stymied by its knowledge gaps. The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR) provides educational resources to its community (free of charge) so that anyone interested in climate change can learn about the opportunity of climate restoration.

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR)’s local chapters are the engine behind F4CR’s advocacy and education efforts. Local chapters bring climate restoration to their communities by hosting events; attending relevant community events; connecting with local government representatives and advocating for increased climate action.

Ending dependence on fossil fuels and protecting the planet’s populations and places are critically needed steps to prevent further damage to our climate. However, these measures alone cannot reverse the changes we have already made or guarantee a habitable planet. That is why we established the Foundation for Climate Restoration.

Imagine our earth is in a bathtub. For millions of years, it was bathing in a healthy amount of carbon dioxide. With the industrial revolution fueled by coal, oil and gas, mankind turned on a “CO2 faucet” pouring additional CO2 into the bathtub. Today, the tub is overflowing and our planet is drowning in CO2. Climate restoration is the realization that no matter how much or how quickly we turn down the faucet, our planet will still be drowning unless we open the drain to empty the tub.

At the Foundation for Climate Restoration, our mission is to “drain the tub”—to remove the excess CO2 from our atmosphere to restore the concentration to a healthy level by 2050, while also ensuring the tub does not fill back up. We need to get to a net zero world AND drain the bathtub of historical CO2 that has been accumulating and piling up in the atmosphere since the beginning of the industrial revolution.