Equity as the Fourth Principle to Climate Restoration

Climate change is a universal problem that has already and will continue to be felt earliest and hardest by those individuals with the least means to confront the intersectional crises it exacerbates and whose actions contributed the least to the problem.

This paper, published in March 2022 by Delaney Pues, Director of Solutions, Equity & Stewardship at the Foundation for Climate Restoration, aims to educate the public about the role that climate restoration and carbon removal will play in addressing climate change as it relates to justice and equity, while also serving as a reference point to approaching and assessing equity within CDR development, deployment, and solutions through the work of the Solution Series.

This paper was published in, The Solutions Journal, the primary venue of Solutions and the core forum for discussion about how to solve the world’s mounting environmental, social, and economic challenges. 

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