Soil Carbon Practices Panel

This panel explores Soil Carbon Practices through a climate restoration lens. We discuss how soil carbon practices and regenerative agriculture can achieve scalable, financeable, permanent, and equitable outcomes and then provide ways for viewers to advocate for their safe and thoughtful implementation.


Elizabeth Whitlow, Executive Director at the Regenerative Organic Alliance

Regenerating the living crust of the Earth has been Elizabeth Whitlow’s mission since she was first exposed in the 1990s to the harmful practices of industrial agriculture and the power of building thriving food systems. Thus, began the long journey of examining the deeper systemic policies of agriculture and advocating for programs that reward holistic farmers. Now, as the Executive Director of the Regenerative Organic Alliance, Elizabeth is overseeing the revolutionary certification program, Regenerative Organic Certified™. The term “regenerative” risks becoming the next buzzword as it is adopted by large chemical ag. Elizabeth is leading the charge to ensure that regenerative is intrinsically linked to organic. Regenerative organic agriculture is farming in a way that heals our precious topsoil, draws carbon down, creates thriving ecosystems and equity for those who live and depend on Earth. Above all, her greatest honor is to serve a planet that is in tremendous need of each and every one of us. “In the 37 seconds it may have taken to read this brief bio, the Earth has lost the equivalent of 18 soccer fields of living topsoil. The solutions to our modern-day ecological crises lies right beneath our feet.”

Darya Watnick, Postgraduate Research Associate at the Yale Applied Science Synthesis Program

Darya Watnick is currently a Postgraduate Research Associate for the Yale Applied Science Synthesis Program where she is addressing quantitative research needs for soil carbon measurement and verification on U.S. croplands. She received her Master of Environmental Management degree with a focus in agriculture & food systems from the Yale School of the Environment. While at Yale, Darya co-developed the Soil Health Policy: Developing Community-Driven State Soil Health Policy and Programs guidebook as part of the Regenerative Agriculture Initiative for the Center for Business and the Environment at Yale. She also chaired the 2021 Yale Food Systems Symposium and coordinated the Ecosystem Management & Conservation specialization and learning community. Prior to graduate school, Darya spent three years living and working in Israel. Most recently, she was the Director of Jewish Engagement at the Edlavitch Jewish Community Center of Washington DC, where she had a fellowship in Jewish Outdoor, Food/Farming, and Environmental Education (JOFEE), working to integrate Jewish traditions and rituals with environmental and outdoor education. Darya graduated from Lewis & Clark College in Portland, OR with a B.A. in Environmental Studies and a minor in Religious Studies.

Moderator: Eric Cárdenas, Chief Executive Officer of LOACOM

Eric Cárdenas is Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of LOACOM Social Purpose Corporation, a certified B Corp that works with mission aligned partners to build a better world through strategic marketing and communication efforts. He is a graduate of UC Santa Barbara with degrees in Political Science and Environmental Studies and currently sits on the Board of Directors for the Johnson Ohana Foundation and the Fund for Santa Barbara. Eric’s areas of interest include food and agriculture, philanthropy for social change, campaigns/movement-building, and strategic planning and facilitation. He is currently most passionate about addressing the climate crisis through an intersectional approach that leverages business resources, racial justice, philanthropy, strategic communications, and community organizing. Some of Eric’s previous work and volunteer experience include time with the Ag Innovations Network, Orfalea Foundations, Environmental Defense Center, and Roots of Change, among others.

Date and time:
Tuesday, June 28, 2022 from 1:00 PM – 2:00 PM PDT

Online event