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Restoring the climate requires a paradigm shift

It’s no longer enough to focus exclusively on “turning down the faucet” of our CO2 emissions; we must pair that effort with “opening the drain” to restore our climate.

To facilitate this paradigm shift, we are building an ecosystem that supports climate restoration.


To restore a safe and healthy climate, we’ll need solutions that can address the trillion tons of excess CO2 in our atmosphere.

When F4CR was founded, we thought that having these scalable carbon dioxide removal (CDR) solutions was all that was needed for climate restoration to succeed. Quickly, we realized that there were many promising CDR methods available, but none were being implemented and scaled quickly enough. We shifted our focus to building up the conditions—the enabling environment—needed for CDR to scale up. Now, we partner with individuals, companies, and organizations working on solutions in order to identify what’s needed for the solution to be deployed at the scale we need to restore the climate.


As the climate restoration movement grows, supporters need access to resources that allow them to become content experts in order to advance the movement.

F4CR provides events and content to support the development of climate restoration advocates around the world. All of this is available free of charge.

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Changing our global paradigm around climate change requires advocacy at all levels, from all voices.

To advance the climate restoration movement, F4CR recognizes the importance of having diverse voices speaking out for a safe and healthy climate / a future they want. Our Local Chapter and Youth Leader programs provide an avenue into advocacy through training and community building.