Climate restoration education is for everyone 

Here at F4CR, we’ve been working on an exciting project for the last year. Maybe you’ve heard the news—we’re creating a science-based, standards-aligned climate restoration high school curriculum for students around the world. For free. You heard that right! Young people deserve to feel empowered in learning about the ways they can get involved and take action in restoring the climate.

What’s unique about this curriculum

The easy-to-navigate online curriculum features six units covering everything from the science of the carbon cycle to the politics of climate action, climate restoration solutions, and the social justice implications of both climate change and solutions. With hands-on activities, interactive games, and helpful graphics, we designed the course to be as fun and engaging as it is educational.

Our goal is to create a cutting-edge, world class educational resource that supports and empowers young leaders to restore the climate, while also keeping it fun. With input from kids, educators, and parents alike, we made sure it was student and teacher approved. By promoting the curriculum with our extensive, global volunteer network, organizational partners, informal educational institutions, and teachers’ associations, we expect to reach 250,000 people in 15 countries within the first year! 

But we need your help to complete the curriculum and distribute it all over the world. 

How you can help

Last month, we launched a GoFundMe to raise the $150,000 needed for us to finish developing and publicizing this vital curriculum. Your donation will go directly towards creating climate content and publicizing the materials for schools.

By donating now, you are helping to create something incredible. As we continue to grow our curriculum, we will change lives. The possibilities are endless. Please join us on this exciting journey!