Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration

Young people and future generations will inherit our warming climate

Their voices are the most impactful in speaking up for the restoration of a world that can sustain them.

Hear from our youth leaders about why you should get involved!

Youth leaders around the world

Program Structure

The voices of young people are the most important to our movement, as climate restoration is focused on securing a safe and healthy climate for today’s youth and future generations. Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration (YL4CR) is a train-the-trainer program that educates youth activists and students on climate restoration.

Participants come from around the world, with representatives from 35 countries and counting. Their global perspectives inform the program content, particularly the World Tour webinar series. Youth Leaders can use their new skills to bring climate restoration to their own communities via local chapters, their own advocacy, or other climate organizations.

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Applications for the new youth leaders program will open in Spring of 2023. Please check back then.

Youth graduates

Graduates of the YL4CR program come from diverse regions, backgrounds, and perspectives. Learn more about them below.

Aiyesha Swarn – UK

Andy Jude – Nigeria, Africa

Ayesha Shaikh – Sukkur, Pakistan

Elsie Jacobsen – USA

Emet Zeitz – USA

Ezekiel Nyanfor – Liberia, Africa

Fithriyyah Iskandar – Borneo, Indonesia

Govinda Katuwal – Nepal

GrÃce Promise Houndafoche – Benin, Africa

Jonathan Jolly – Nigeria, Africa

Kadiatu A Sheriff – Liberia, Africa

Katherine Cano – Colombia, South America

Mahib Reza – Bangladesh

Monika Akter Shikha – Bangladesh

Nafia Faria – Bangladesh

Priya Dominic – India

Sumaiya Tahsin – Bangladesh

Ukange Ichivirbee – Nigeria, Africa

Xinara Bascombe – Barbados

Award recipients

Every year, F4CR awards a select few outstanding youth leaders with financial awards to support their ongoing climate restoration activism.

Learn more about this year’s recipients by watching their videos here.

What participants learn & accomplish:

  1. What climate restoration is and the importance of climate restoration alongside adaptation and mitigation efforts. 
  2. How to speak to different audience members about climate restoration both in-person and virtually. 
  3. How to create a leadership project that demonstrates what they have learned in the program and how to apply it in their home countries.
  4. Participants become mentors in which they apply what they’ve learned to the next cohort. 
  5. And much more!


Join the Youth Leaders on their tour around the world. In each World Tour event, YL4CR participants outline the climate context of a particular country, describe the climate commitments that the government has made, and point to any advances relevant to climate restoration in that region.

Our next World Tour event will take place on September 17, 2022. Watch this space for an announcement when registration opens to attend.

Watch past World Tours


Hear from students that have completed the program below.

Given the situation that we are facing right now, the program is truly a success in molding a generation that will fight against global warming. 
Dale Cabaas, Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, The Philippines 
This program made us diversely competent. I learned to be effectively connected with the people I work with as I have had active communication with my mentor and coordinates.
Sumaiya Tahsin, Certified Climate Restoration Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, Bangladesh
I knew a very little about climate restoration and I also thought it’s quite the same as climate change action. After joining this programme, I learn the whole concept. Now I can speak confidently about climate restoration and also Teach people about it with great information.
Monika Akter Shikha, Certified Climate Restoration Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, Bangladesh
This program brought many ideas and information on how we can restore the climate by 2050. YL4CR has set me up for future success to become a leader one day to restore our climate. It has created a deep-rooted knowledge of global warming and has ignited my passion and drive to make a difference.
Keyanna Kehle, YL4CR Participant – Cohort 5, United States
I cared very much about the climate but I didn’t know how to act on it or express my passion. As I journeyed through the program I began to feel more confident in my speaking regarding advocating for the climate. I am able to confidently advocate for my climate and most importantly I have progressed in my journey of becoming a climate advocate.
Xinara Bascombe, Certified Climate Restoration Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, Barbados
YL4CR, has taught me well about the climate and the many restoration strategies and importance of them. This program has made it possible for me to grow as an individual in terms of my advocacy levels and as well as improved my teaching methods and be able to interact with people of different cultures.
Freeman Mutale Kangwa, Certified Climate Restoration Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, Zambia
In the ‘Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration’ program I learned so many things like using reusable products, living a sustainable lifestyle, synthetic limestone, and kelp forests. I am very proud that I have been a part of it.
Mahadi Khan, Certified Climate Restoration Certified Climate Restoration Advocate, Bangladesh