The Foundation for Climate Restoration is determined to make climate restoration an idea whose time has come.

Our Vision is that  “Climate restoration by 2050” becomes the overarching goal of climate action by the end of this decade.

Our Mission is to generate the social license and the will to restore the climate, allowing for funding and implementing of climate-restoration-scale solutions. We are realizing that mission through advocacy, education & communications, and motivation.


It’s time to shift our climate action paradigm

For half a century, we’ve been single-mindedly focused on reducing our greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Yet, our emissions continue to rise, and they will remain in the atmosphere for centuries to come if we let them.

We must simultaneously build our global capacity for carbon dioxide removal (CDR) if we want to leave today’s youth and future generations a climate that can sustain them.


F4CR is led by an all-volunteer board. Individually and collectively we are determined to restore a safe climate so that humanity and the nature we’re part of may flourish.

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F4CR was launched  in 2017 after its founders asked: “What is the future we want for our climate?” We were and are still the only organization fully dedicated to restoring a safe, healthy climate for our  children and future generations. 

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