F4CR was founded to realize an ambitious vision.

F4CR’s Founders launched the Foundation for Climate Restoration when they realized that our global climate action was not on a path to restore a safe and healthy climate, but rather to reduce the damage we’re inflicting on our climate. They developed the goal of climate restoration through collaboration with Citizens’ Climate Lobby leadership and in consultation with dozens of thought leaders and climate scientists.

Summer 2019 launched a new phase for the Foundation, with the convening of the First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum at the United Nations and the release of F4CR’s first white paper.

In 2020, F4CR focused on developing an ecosystem for climate restoration to become a new global priority. F4CR convened its Second Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum as a virtual event with 850 participants. The event included over 40 speakers from around the world and energized the growing climate restoration community. F4CR also began developing its grassroots base and launched pilot local chapters focused on raising awareness and driving participation in climate restoration, as well as a youth training program.

In 2021, F4CR continued to build its grassroots network and develop strong programs to advance climate restoration. The Local Chapter program was formalized under the guidance of the renowned grassroots organizer, Sam Daley-Harris. The Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration program welcomed its first cohort in March 2021 and by the end of the year had trained participants from over 35 countries on six continents. F4CR launched its first digital kids’ lesson and hosted its Third Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum in partnership with EarthxTV. In October, F4CR co-founded Our Planet Our Future, a 10-year climate campaign to engage 1.5 billion people in climate action. The team has also launched the Solution Series, which highlights various choices and conduits to restore our planet that combines natural and technological approaches to removing carbon dioxide (CO2) from our atmosphere.

Organization Details

The Foundation for Climate Restoration (F4CR), a registered 501(c)(3) public charity incorporated in November 2017, raises awareness of and commitment to restoring the climate. It was originally incorporated under the name 300×2050 Climate Restoration Foundation, Inc., and the name was changed in early 2018. It received its IRS determination letter in October 2019.