Climate restoration cannot happen without an enabling environment

We work with a variety of stakeholders in a multitude of sectors to ensure that climate restoration can succeed through all avenues. We are creating an ecosystem focused on education, advocacy, and solutions to restore the climate.

Global Climate Restoration Forum

Building on the momentum of the growing climate restoration community, our Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum inspires further movement by illustrating the incredible progress being made.

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Our Planet Our Future

F4CR co-founded Our Planet Our Future, the 10-year campaign to motivate and active at least 1.5 billion people to take measurable climate action.

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Global Carbon Removal Partnership

The Global Carbon Removal Partnership, formally launched at COP26 in Glasgow, Scotland in 2021, convenes and catalyzes stakeholders worldwide to make political commitments, align strategic priorities, strengthen capacities, and foster innovation to remove and store carbon.

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Council of Experts

Tackling the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced requires an extraordinary group of people. The Council of Experts possesses an impressive variety of expertise and experience and is united by a common goal: restoring the climate.

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Our Impact

From our inception in 2017 to our global debut at the United Nations Headquarters in 2019, from the launch of our youth program in early 2021 to its explosive global expansion only months later, we are humbled by the rapid growth of the climate restoration movement.

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