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The Foundation for Climate Restoration works to restore a safe and healthy climate while providing transformational training to its community. Our work focuses on education, advocacy, and solutions to support climate restoration.


Participants in the Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration program come from all around the world to learn from and mentor one another.

Ashley Meeky, now an F4CR Youth Ambassador Board Member, attended the First Annual Global Climate Restoration Forum at the United Nations in 2019. She describes her experience as life-changing: She entered the U.N. convinced that climate change would prevent her from having a future, and she left with the conviction that climate restoration could provide the possibility of a bright future for her and her peers. The hope that this brought her led Ashley to join the F4CR Board of Directors and to design and launch the Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration program.

“I realized that there’s hope for the future of our earth, where primarily before the conversation around climate action was pessimistic. With climate restoration, we now have turned the tables and are taking this proactive approach and actually taking action toward restoring our earth.” Ashley Meeky, Founder, Youth Leaders for Climate Restoration.

Over the course of 2021, applications to the YL4CR program increased by a factor of 100.

Participants in the YL4CR program have come from 35 countries on six continents.

YL4CR participants lead a webinar each month convening international audiences to learn about climate action.

F4CR awards four outstanding YL4CR graduates with financial support each year to support their ongoing leadership and activism in climate restoration.

Once per year, F4CR brings together thought-leading experts from diverse fields to teach our community about climate restoration

The annual Climate Restoration Forum is F4CR’s biggest event of the year with over 2,000 registrants and 100 speakers. Recordings have over 3,000 views.

North Bay Chapter Co-Chair Sallie Welles became involved with F4CR after watching the 2020 Forum. She helped launch a new Local Chapter and went on to be a speaker at the 2021 Forum. “Watching people present at the Second Annual Climate Restoration Forum inspired me to volunteer with F4CR. I experienced a movement and knew I wanted to join it. I wanted to be in this,” she said.

Young children worldwide have used F4CR’s digital lesson to learn about climate restoration.

Climate Restoration for Kids has been accessed by families in over 50 countries around the world.


F4CR’s local chapters grew over 400% in just one year, building chapters on four continents.

“I started volunteering with F4CR in March 2021 because I understood the importance of the concept of climate restoration as the logical continuation of mitigation and adaptation. I think this is a great last hope for starting over, restoring the climate, saving the global environment and saving humanity. My country, Madagascar, is very affected by the negative impacts of climate change, yet it is not one of the main destroyers of the environment. So, I am getting involved at the front with an act of citizenship, to contribute to the genesis of this movement and to have resolutions adopted for climate justice in Africa.” Ramarolahy Safidy, Madagascar Chapter Leader


F4CR will be launching its Solution Series in April 2022. The series aims to build awareness about carbon dioxide removal solutions through the lens of climate restoration.

You can sign up for our Solution Series newsletter with all of our content and updates through our main newsletter sign up below. Check back soon for more information.

F4CR is raising awareness about climate restoration

F4CR staff has published op-eds in the Washington Post, The Hill, Newsweek (x2), and AlterNet.

Our work and perspectives have been covered by Forbes, Grist, Business Insider, CNBC, NBC, Greenbiz, HuffPost, Yahoo!, Fast Company, Gizmodo and more.

F4CR has presented at conferences and events hosted by organizations like World Economic Forum, Rotary International, Nationwide Insurance, American Geophysical Union, Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Zero Hour, PUBLIC, Commonwealth Club of San Francisco, Puro.Earth, Girl Up, County of Santa Clara, and more.